Ice, Ice Baby! It is winter storm-ageddon here in Central Kentucky. Businesses closed, school is out, for the few that are actually having in person classes, roads are iced over, and trees and power lines are down. But am I concerned? Not for me. And forget the milk and bread, so long as I have plenty of cat food and cat litter I’m set.
I’m taking a few minutes from my work at home day to right this post. I will probably get more work done at home then at the office. That was normally the case when I worked from home for ten years.
I made sure I had a few things to eat in case I did loose electricity but so far so good. I have a spinach quiche in the oven and my wine cabinet is full – just in case.
I was living in South Carolina when Kentucky was hit with the big winter storms of 2003 and 2009. It was such a drag. I wanted to be home and in the middle of it and get outside with my chainsaw and help clear downed trees and limbs.
I have a friend who was here during the storm of 2009. She was freaking out listening to the weather reports about this impending storm. I kept telling her this one is not going to be as bad as 2009. This Here is our exchange.
Her: What if I lose electricity?
Me: You have a fireplace, right?
Her: Yes.
Me: Your dad is brining you wood?
Her: Yes.
Me: Okay you won’t freeze, and neither will your pipes.
Me: You don’t have little kids to take care of now. They are grown and your daughter has her own home.
Her: That’s true.
Me: Do you have food to eat that you don’t have to cook?
Her: I have some things.
Me: Well, you have a day or two before the storm gets here so you have plenty of time to go get things you don’t have to cook. And worst case you can go on the deck and use the gas grill.
Her: Well, yes but I don’t want to.
Her: What about my phone, how would I charge my phone?
Me: Oh-my-god! It really is the end of the world! Go sit in your car and charge it.
Her: Laughs.
Me: Do you want to hear what freaking out is? Do you want to know what real freaking out is? Real freaking out is your mother losing electricity, not having gas logs to stay warm and I have to go get her and all her pets and bring them to my house. That my dear is freaking out.

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