I would like to talk about my favorite subject – my cat. His name is Axle Rose, not because I’m a Gun’s and Roses fan. I like some of their music, but I probably wouldn’t pay big bucks to see them or maybe it is a him now. I think they split up. Like I said I never really followed them that much.
Several years ago, I was a manager in an axle assembly plant in South Carolina. The guys on the assembly line found a tiny kitten. They brought him to my office because everyone knew I liked cats. I took him to my vet. He was maybe four or five weeks old. I had to bottle feed him, stimulate his bowels, and do everything his mother would have done for him. I took him to work with me every day, took him to grocery store; he literally went everywhere with me.
Because he was found in the axle plant and my last name is Rose – he is Axle Rose. I have always had great cats, but he is really special. Axle is the most people oriented, and affectionate cat I have ever had. He loves to sleep with his arms around my neck. He wakes me up during the night when he needs something or wants attention. I get up and give him a treat then he comes back to bed, and he snuggles up with my arms around him.
Axle will be 18 years old soon. He is still active and looks so young, the vet has a hard time believing he is that old. He does take thyroid medication and has a little arthritis in one hip and can’t jump on the counter tops anymore. Other than that, he is still my little wild man. Welcome to the jungle.

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