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The Third Floor: A Novel by Leigh M. Rose

From the Publisher

With her debut novel, Kentucky author Leigh M. Rose brings together an old Victorian home, a girl trapped in time, and a young woman who would save them both.

Leslie Newkirk, young and successful, moves from Chicago to the small town (Winchester, KY) where her parents grew up. She buys the home of her dreams, an old Victorian mansion. Quickly she discovers she's not the home's only inhabitant. With the help of friends, both new and old, she must fight the evil that holds the troubled soul hostage in the house.

From the Book

Again, there was the sound, somewhere to the right, at the end of the hall, the end of the hall where her bedroom was. "Here goes," Leslie swiftly and quietly walked down the hall with the poker held tightly in her hand in a striking position. When she had reached the bedroom -- nothing. She listened for a moment. She could now hear more clearly; the sound wasn't coming from her bedroom; it was on the third floor. It was the sound of someone crying...

...If there was was any way possible, I would protect you myself and love you and care for you, just as if you were own my own daughter.

Now I should tell you to watch for a package to arrive, which contains the little bear. I took all manner of precautions to prevent it from becoming soiled by the muck in the trenches, so please give it to our child as a gift from its father, who wants desperately to come home...

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Praise for Leigh M. Rose

"I was struck by the tenacity and realism of the characters...I fully recommend this engaging novel!"

Krista E. Callahan-Caudill, English Lecturer, University of Kentucky

"The author demonstrates a considerable talent for telling a story which quickly becomes hard to put down. Leigh M. Rose has delivered a novel which leaves us longing for more."

John H. Hadley, Focus magazine

The Third Floor: How Far Would You Go to Help a Child?
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Introducing Leigh M. Rose

Leigh M. Rose

Leigh, a first time novelist, is also a commissioned artist and quite literally a world traveler through her work as a quality manager for a global telecommunications company. Chile, the Czech Republic, Argentina, China, Colombia: these are a few of the places Leigh visits on her travels, where she enjoys the food and experience of other cultures. Read more about Leigh M. Rose.